Our Story

Rich Radi Q's is an entry luxury brand based in New York, embodies the dreams of women, full of sexy, stylish, and confident beauty.

The founder Radi was born in a traditional British aristocratic family. The conservative and strict family environment requires women to be content with their families. Radi has been passionate for art since childhood, bravely chose to pursue a career outside the family. In 2011, she moved from London to New York and lauched her eponymous brand Rich Radi Q's. She innovated the dress code for women in the workplace for a week, and incorporated men's broad-shouldered suits into feminine line cuts, forming a style characterized by both toughness and softness. Using thorny roses, beads, and lace as brand logos, she created a magical curve of extreme charm, and the stylish daily dresses became one of the most recognizable symbols of the brand.

Rich Radi Q's tribute to every woman with strong vitality, with the power of upward rebirth to achieve a broader life, showing a calm, confident and powerful self!