Enjoy Summer

Kids are getting out of school, and family vacations, beach outings, BBQs and many other fun summer activities we all love to do are in full swing. Although most of us work during the summer, it's also a time to enjoy and relax.

Learning to truly unwind and unplug will help us become happier and more balanced, and recharge our physical and spiritual batteries. Psychotherapist and positive living expert Diane Lang, author of the book, Creating Balance and Finding Happiness, offers 10 ways to truly relax this summer.

1. Take some time to spend outdoors. 

2. Unplug from technology.

3. Start a fitness program that is fun and adventurous. 

4. Slow down. 

5. Spend time with friends and family. 

6. Do activities you really love. 

7. Step outside of your comfort zone. 

8. Use up your personal time from work and have some free time with no expectations. 

9. Create some “me time.” 

10. Breathe. 

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